Holistic women’s health psychiatrist, New York Times Bestselling author and integrative therapist, Kelly Brogan, M.D., knows what it takes to overcome psychiatric symptoms and conditions. Kelly embraces a root-cause approach to psychiatric illness and helps her patients get out of the zombie-like state caused by pharmaceuticals and start finding hope and possibility through personal truths.

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Emotions, physical and chemical imbalance, nutrition, stress and more can all play a role in how your mind is functioning and how you make cognitive and behavioral decisions. When you are able to find a portal to your own personal power through natural ways of healing instead of pharmaceuticals, you can create new norms for your life or those you love. 

There is a much bigger version of the story than what conventional medicine leads you to believe, and it is only by being honest with the parts of yourself that you are scared to interact with that you can become aware of the mask you are wearing. 

How have psychiatric conditions, pharmaceuticals or conventional medicine played a role in your journey? Share your story with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Why you should stop believing that allopathic medicine is your only option
  • Learn what it is like to leave consensus medicine and challenge the gold standard
  • Understanding the toxic burden put on your system from synthetic chemicals
  • How to operationalize environmental exposures and align them with your truths
  • The 5 common and reversible physical drivers of so-called mental illness



“As Robert Frost said, ‘the only way out is through’. But we need to help each other in that process, we need to normalize that process because that’s how we create a container where we can make a crucible in which to alchemize this pain and trauma.” (6:10)

“Vulnerability in this process is going to be the source of your power because there is no controlling it.” (17:58)

“There was a before and after in my clinical practice, where I now am able to taper individuals in the space of months what took years before.” (25:09)

“If that’s all it takes, what parent wouldn’t want to try that, especially in today’s age where it is so easy?” (32:42)

“The only thing that I could do, literally to help save her life is to show her love. Like real love, not like doctor love.” (36:28)



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