Laura Neville is a licensed naturopathic physician who was days away from death at the age of seven from an autoimmune disease. Although conventional medicine is what kept her alive, Laura believes that naturopathic medicine is what truly made her well, and she has since become dedicated to sharing the naturopathic treasures she used to her heal herself with the world.

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Everyone has the opportunity to heal without exception, and it is possible to change everything from your hormonal imbalances to fatigue in order to find a new zest for life. If you want to learn how to thrive despite your chronic illness, want to increase your energy or decrease your menopausal symptoms, Laura is here to help you embrace the warm hug of naturopathic medicine.

Your energy and vitality are the greatest currency you have in this life, so why not make the most of it? When you are able to put yourself first physically, mentally and emotionally, you can create the reality for yourself that you have always dreamed of. 

How has naturopathic medicine assisted you in your journey to find healing and happiness? Share with us in the comments below! 


In This Episode

  • Tips for thriving with a chronic illness and finding hope in naturopathic medicine
  • Managing and optimizing hormone imbalance by mastering your mindset
  • Learn how emotion stacking can impact your energy levels, hormones and more
  • Addressing the fears and main symptoms experienced by menopausal women 
  • How to determine if bioidentical hormones are the right fit for you



“The two biggest factors that I felt really improved my energy levels were hormone balance and managing my mind, I call that mind health, so now this is what I help other people do.” (5:21) 

“Managing and optimizing hormone imbalance and managing my mind had the absolute biggest outcome out of anything I’ve tried, and I’ve tried everything, literally.” ( 10:19)

“I just love working with women on these things because as a naturopathic doctor we have such a vast array of tools.” (19:10)

“The longer that I am in clinical practice, the more I realize that healthy mind management and addressing the mind is absolutely key.” (24:49)

“Excitement about the future is not reserved for the young, I think somethings we forget that.” (27:30)



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