Sheri Salata landed a ‘dream job’ at the Oprah Winfrey Network at age 35 and went on to become the co-president of the network and president of Harpo Productions. At 56, Sheri looked around and realized that while she had a dream career, she did not have a dream life. Instead of becoming defeated by this realization, Sheri decided to make her own life full though creativity and perseverance.

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In her new book,The Beautiful No, Sheri recounts how you can turn some of the most disappointing moments of your life into opportunities through mindset and the stories you tell yourself. By activating the muscle you use to dream, you can start to create a new vision of your life that is unique just to you. 

It is never too late to be creating the life of your dreams, and if you don’t do it now, when will you? Sheri is an inspirational beacon of light that is here to tell you that you are not alone and everything will be okay. 

Are you ready to start a new vibrational path of possibility and stop feeding yourself negativity and disappointment? Share what you loved most about Sheri’s story in the comments below.  


In This Episode

  • Looking at the stories we are feeding ourselves and the role they play in our truth
  • Why you should stop paying attention to other peoples business and focus on you
  • How to infuse your dreams with tenderness and enthusiasm instead of regret
  • The importance of becoming aligned with your own soul and the Universe’s magic
  • Learn how to collapse the time between the disappointment of a no and the true gift realization



“All of a sudden I found myself at 56 and I thought ‘wow, I have manifested this amazing dream come true career, but I haven’t created or manifested a dream come true life’.” (5:15)

“There should be nobody on the planet that treasures every bit of you unconditionally more than you.” (19:35)

“The truth is, life is much more fun when you are fully engaged. When you believe anything is possible and you believe that you are supposed to live the life of your dreams, it’s just more fun!” (33:45)

“Just at that moment, say ‘okay, here is my beautiful no, and I am really looking forward to seeing why it is so gorgeous’.” (38:45)



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