(NaturalPath) In an article by Dr. Mercola, he lays out what happens to our body when we are sleep deprived.

Most people don’t get enough sleep, which can affect both your mental and emotional well-being.

He says, “Over the long term, poor sleep can contribute to a whole host of chronic health problems, from obesity and diabetes to immune problems and an increased risk for cancer. Plus, it raises your risk of accidents and occupational errors.

Dr. Mercola mentions that part of the reason most people don’t get proper sleep is the use of artificial lighting and electronics at night and not getting enough exposure to sunlight during the day. This causes a disruption of the cycles.

Lack of sleep is also linked to internet surfing and poor grades, a lack of emotional perception, a compromised immune system, as well as an increase in your risk of type two diabetes. There are other implications to having a lack of sleep. Dr. Mercola also mentions ways to get better sleep.

Check out the full article for more information.


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