When you don’t have enough energy to get through your day, everything in your life suffers. Ari Whitten knows the struggle of chronic fatigue first hand and has connected the dots throughout a decade of study to create a coherent framework grounded in scientific evidence for understanding human energy enhancement. 

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The best selling author, fatigue and energy specialist who focuses on taking an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement, Ari is here to bust some myths surrounding chronic fatigue and shine a light at what conventional and holistic medicine has to offer. 

Today we are breaking down the layers of the story of what is going on inside of your body when it comes to your circadian rhythm, critical enzymes, root causes of low energy, chronic illness, and more. By looking at your lifestyle habits, nutrition, toxins and more, you can tune in and listen to your body and avoid becoming subject to many of the toxic diseases out there. 

If the modern lifestyle is what is driving the prevalence of chronic diseases in our society, it is only by creating your own microenvironment and controlling your behaviors that you can change your destiny. Ari wants to give you tips to increase your energy through lifestyle changes and nutritional factors so that you can beat energy fatigue the best way possible.

Are you ready to develop a blueprint to decrease your risk of chronic disease and improve your mitochondrial health, circadian rhythm, gut health and more? Share your fatigue busting strategies with us in the comments below! 


In This Episode

  • A look at the recommended treatment for fatigue in conventional and holistic medicine
  • Discover what is really behind your fatigue problems and what to do about it
  • The real role of your adrenals, cortisol and circadian rhythm when it comes to fatigue 
  • Learn about the connection between mitochondrial health, metabolism, and more
  • Why you should start listening to your body as well as the science for health optimization



“We have to understand that actually what’s normal, what’s typical and common, is a destiny of chronic disease, chronic fatigue, and sleep problems, and anxiety and depression and so on.” (9:43)

“Our environment and our modern lifestyle is driving us towards a default destiny of disease. Unless you gain knowledge and you change your habits and your skills and your lifestyle to do something different than the norm, then you too are headed for that default destiny of chronic disease.” (12:32)

“There is a lot of power to improve health outcomes and various symptoms from using nutrition and lifestyle.” (20:13)

“My paradigm is very much like, let’s understand how al of these things that we are measuring and all of the symptoms that a person may be experiencing, let’s understand the web of the complexity of how these things ultimately tie back to the specific root causes at the lifestyle and environmental level.” (49:42)

“Science is also good to listen to, and not just your body. We need to look at the science, understand what the science has to tell us from really well-controlled research, that’s not confounded by someones subjective perceptions and be able to take that information and implement in our life and just trust that it’s going to translate into really profound benefits.” (52:30)



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