After a fire ravaged her home and all of her and her ancestor’s belongings, Nadine Artemis was lost. It was the healing power of nature that motivated Nadine to activate her resiliency and move forward. Now an author of two books, aromacologist and creator of the first-ever full concept aromatherapy store in North America at the age of 22, Nadine is an expert in trusting the Universe and utilizing nature’s powerful tools.

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Instead of having a long-distance love affair with nature, Nadine is here to encourage you to connect back into the world around us and appreciate the precious state of the natural gifts that are here for us to enjoy. Through the understanding of the philosophy, the science and the practicality of engaging with the elements to beautify us, you can unlock the secrets of nature that are reserved for those who truly listen.

If you want to find ways to promote your natural beauty, need recommendations on specific botanicals and essential oils to help with your specific needs, or are looking to become reconnected to your trust in nature and its ability to heal, this is the episode for you. 

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In This Episode

  • Why you need to find consistency in the Universe as a way to connect to yourself
  • A look back at the concept of beauty in society today and trans-historically 
  • How to fill up the wellsprings of your being through botanicals, elixirs and more
  • Ways to discover the vitality inside yourself by reconnecting to the natural world
  • Explore the realm of quality in making and importing your own essential oils



“If you are rock climbing inside of your brain, you have to keep reaching for that next sort of foothold where you can lock in your hands and inch your way up and know that everything is okay on a bigger level.” (11:40)

“If it isn’t a happy ending then the story is not over yet.” (12:06)

“Sometimes we need to step back find the general things in the Universe that are consistent, and tune into that frequency to find consistency.” (14:55)

“In that scouring of the Earth and trying to find raw materials, I came across quality that was above and beyond any kind of essential oil I was getting from the health food store.” (24:01)

“I just deeply go into the philosophy, the science and the practicality of engaging with the elements to beautify us. Whether that’s the sun, pure water, air, and the gifts from the Earth. Whether that’s lying on the Earth or eating food from the Earth or adorning our bodies with gifts from the Earth.” (31:41)



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