Udo Erasmus is the legendary founder of Udo’s Choice supplement company, pioneer of flax seed oil, author and speaker who has inspired millions with his wisdom behind life’s energy and every human’s ability to be in harmony with nature and humanity. 

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After a chaotic outer life as a child and poisoning through pesticides, Udo turned inwards for something to depend on. What he found was unconditional love from inside himself, the ability to regenerate and heal, and the importance of bringing his awareness back to his consciousness. 

Ultimately we come to this Earth for a specific time and only have a body for that time, so the best possible experience for a human being to have is to be fully present in all of their being and their surroundings, and not lost with ideas that interfere with fulfillment.  

Unconditional love is the love that life has for the body and when you are able to be deliberate about cultivating the inner presence instead of living from one reaction to the other you can feel whole again from within yourself instead of looking for validation from the outside. Join in for this enlighting and inspiring conversation about the connection between love, healing, peace and rebuilding your body for a better future. 

Are you ready to stop putting restrictions on your own joy and come back home to yourself? Share how Udo inspired you in the comments below. 


In This Episode 

  • Why you need to be deliberate of cultivating inner presence and awareness
  • How to find wholeness and contentment through embracing the heartache
  • Tips to think in line with nature and increase your energy for optimal healing
  • Ways to optimize your senses and allow your body to regenerate your cells
  • Why you should stop asking for more and enjoy what the world has given you



“You have always been loved by life no matter what your circumstances are on the outside, no matter what crazy situations you are in, life has always loved you unconditionally.” (11:00)

“When you live in line with nature and you’re nature, you are going to have the best possible health that is possible to have for your body.” (14:45)

“Peace is the foundation of everything, it’s not one we create, its one that exists as the foundation of the universe as well as your body.” (21:08)

“All of the things we do on the outside is driven by wanting to feel whole again, but nothing on the outside makes you whole when the disconnect from wholeness is internal.” (29:11)

“I come not to judge, but to love. That’s life’s message for every human being from inside each human being, the master called life, the master called love, that is the message for every human being, I love you unconditionally.” (45:31)



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