Victoria Albina can remember always being sick, which is why she started to adopt the identity of a sick person as part of her inner truth. Through her healing journey, Victoria realized that it was only by finding gratitude in her ability to feel symptoms and dismissing her habitual thoughts that were keeping her sick that she was able to re-establish her ability to heal from within.

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Now a cognitive-behavioral life coach, breathwork meditation facilitator, herbalist, and family nurse practitioner, Victoria helps others manage their minds and engage with their breath to find true healing instead of falling into a pattern of relapse. Today she is here to provide tools, resources, and recommendations to help you realize that in the end, your healing is up to you.

Victoria is a true believer and real-life example of our own innate capacity to heal ourselves. Instead of relying on doctors in white lab coats, Victoria wants to empower you to manage your mind, shift your thinking and get in touch with your body to experience the profound healing of divinity. 

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In This Episode

  • Explore the role that your thoughts play in creating feelings and symptoms
  • Why getting neutral and accepting your symptoms is not defeat
  • Learn how breathwork can improve everything from IBS to past unhealed trauma
  • Strategies for managing your mind and speaking to your body with intention
  • Reframing emotional health and mental wellness for the modern woman



“It was sort of the perfect storm that we see so often in our patients and the people we love who aren’t getting what they need from the western medical care that they are seeking out.” (4:48)

“I do the work I do now, bringing together life coaching, mind management, thought management, and the real deep somatic feeling work that I do through breathwork, I bring all of that into my clinical work and the work I do with my clients to help folks take back their own power to heal and take a real firm seat in that knowing that each of us has this powerful capacity to heal ourselves.” (7:18)

“Everything in this beautiful human lifetime is completely and profoundly neutral until we put a human thought of judgment upon it.” (16:21)

“What this active somatic practice has done, is opened up this magnificent vessel for me to get in touch with my body and to find my own transformational power to heal myself by connecting in with my breath.” (23:44)

“There is no physical health without mental health, and no mental health without physical health.” (35:16)



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