The United States Attitudes of Consumers Toward Health, Cough, and Cold (ACHOO) was developed and conducted to understand the effects of the common cold on the daily routine of the general population.

Through a 36-question survey, the researchers asked 2,505 men and women if they had had a cold in the last year. According to the results, 86.7 percent of the participants had had one of more colds in the last year. Of the participants, 52 percent stated that their colds affected their daily life a fair amount to a lot. Productivity dipped by a mean 26.4 percent while 44.5 percent of the respondents said they were absent from either work or school for a day or two due to their cold.

Through the survey, 93 percent said they had trouble sleeping due to their cold with 57 percent saying that trouble was due to a cough or nasal congestion. The worse the symptoms, the more it affected the productivity and absenteeism.

A couple limitations of the study were that the survey had the potential for recall bias and there was no distinction made between the underlying cold and any treatment side effects.

For more information read the full study here.

Protect yourself and your family from the cold and flu season

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– The purpose behind your child’s fever and why you shouldn’t try to bring it down, sometimes

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