(NaturalPath) A recently released study looks at pesticides exposure and lung health in children. Two hundred and seventy-nine children of farmworker families were part of a long-term study to determine the effects of spraying pesticides. The children were followed since birth and had an initial follow-up at six months, as well as several other intervals leading up to five years of age. Exhalation measurements were taken to determine lung health, and a correlation was found that those children with higher levels of organophosphates also had lower exhalation rates, by about eight percent. These findings are similar to those that had been previously taken from children who had prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke. Another finding of this study was that there was no correlation found between prenatal exposure and lower exhalations rates.

Although the route of exposure was not specifically known, it is likely coming from multiple sources. This study highlights the importance of protecting children from exposure to such chemicals at an early age and what types of health effects can be seen.


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