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One of the biggest concerns/confusions of potential consumers of CBD products is whether they can trust that the product does not contain the psychoactive constituent THC. Many CBD products are labeled as “hemp,” and are not supposed to have more than 0.3% THC. However, “cannabis,” “hemp,” and “marijuana” all come from the same plant – Cannabis sativa – which adds an immense amount of confusion to the consumer market. Variables such as how, what and where it is grown can determine THC concentration.

The cannabis sativa confusion with some product levels found exceeding 400 times the legal limit

A recent investigation and review of various products available through online sources suggest that there is reason for increased awareness and product testing within the cannabis field; THC levels have been found in some products to be 400 times the legal limit – this research was conducted in the UK, where similar to the US and Canada, cannabis is legal in varying degrees for use by the medical community and consumer public, with restrictions on THC content.

Multiple and varied cannabis-based and cannabinoid medicinal products now available

Lead author of the study Dr. Tom Freeman, from the University of Bath’s Addiction and Mental Health Group explained:

“In this complex and rapidly evolving field, there are several different cannabis-based and cannabinoid medicinal products. These differ in their THC and CBD content, who can prescribe them, and the conditions they may be used to treat.”

Alarming: Some products sold online may have THC levels as high as 80 percent or higher

It has come to light that some products sold online may have THC levels as high as 80 percent or higher. These products are not being regulated at the current time, and consumers cannot trust what they are getting from the myriad of different companies out there. THC is often not desirable for individuals looking for pain relief, help sleeping, or other concerns, and is certainly not indicated in children. CBD on the other hand, may be indicated in these conditions. Products with labeling that does not include true and accurate amounts of these compounds, or misleads consumers as to the amounts they contain, are a serious problem.

General message from the healthcare community – standardization a must

The general message from the healthcare community is not that cannabis products are bad, but that there needs to be regulation so a standardized product can be ensured. Also, if cannabis products are indicated, talking to a healthcare professional needs to be a necessary first step before ordering a product online.


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