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Back when I was in medical school, I used to meditate everyday….

Back when I was in medical school, I used to meditate everyday before class. I always found it grounded me for my busy day ahead and helped put me into a positive mood no matter how many upcoming exams I faced.

It’s been a long time since I did this and I’ve since slacked…a lot to say the least…and although I know my body, mind and spirit so desperately crave a little extra slow down time with full deep breaths, it’s been hard to get back into things.

BUT, I’ve decided it’s finally time!

I would LOVE for you to join me on my personal meditation challenge! Whether you’re seasoned at meditating or you’ve never done it before and are a total newbie, it’s a great time to start!

Meditation can help calm the mind, decrease stress hormones and even help with digestion! It will pull you out of that constant fight or flight mode a lot of us live in and bring on rest and digest. All it takes is a few minutes everyday!

How My Challenge Works

  • Pick a time of day you can commit to (and set an alarm!)
  • Find a comfortable and quiet spot
  • Start with 5 minutes! (or more or less as you need!)
  • Every 2 days, increase your meditation time by 1 minute
  • In just over 7 weeks, we’ll be up to 30 minutes of meditation per day!!

Tips and Tricks for Success

Pick a Daily Focus

Some people will choose a phrase or a “mantra” to focus on and repeat during meditation, others will focus solely on all of the sensations of breath, but truly, the sky is the limit. I would also encourage you to switch it up! Spend one meditation day sending love to someone in your life who needs a little extra support, spend another day thinking about all the things you’re grateful for in your life and spend another day just relaxing into your breath. This way we’ll stay focused and have something to help calm our minds down.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Don’t expect perfection with meditation, or anything close to it for that matter. Your mind WILL wander and you’ll probably even be a little bored some days…but that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself and as soon as you notice your mind wandering, bring yourself back to focusing on your breath or on the phrase or activity you’ve chosen.

Don’t Fret About Missing a Day

Jump back on that wagon! It doesn’t matter if you miss a day here and there, just start up again and keep going! The other thing to watch, too, is if the time of day you’ve chosen is too hard. Mix it up if you need to and find that perfect opportunity to get a little extra you-time in there.

Take Your Time

If bumping up the time every 2 days is too much for you, stay where things are feeling good! Increasing your meditation time to 30 minutes on a daily basis is an arbitrary number, but really any amount of time will help make a difference! If you’re already seasoned at meditating, consider bumping things up faster or go past my 30-minute mark! There’s no right or wrong number…find what feels best for you!

Participate With Me

I’ll be posting about how things are going on my social media, so I’d love for you to let me know how you’re doing, too! Here are links to my instagram and facebookaccount!  Come say hello and let me know how things are going and what daily focus you’re going to choose!

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Dr Shannon Morgenstern is a Naturopathic Doctor, educator and guide, who helps patients to find more balance, rejuvenate from the inside out and reach a state of health and happiness. Her mission is helping patients like you to go from living a stressful life of mediocrity to living a life of calm and inspired thriving. She often works with patients who are stressed out beyond belief, struggling to function and who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Dr Morgenstern is able to provide the support and motivation to have you go from feeling bored and discontented with life, to feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. She practices out of a beautiful clinic in Calgary Canada called Naturmend. Make sure you check out her website www.drshannonmorgenstern.comfor up to date info and free tips!

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