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A recent research study on the use of cannabis in treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy differs from previously held beliefs about CBD versus THC.1 The study, conducted in Australia, found that parents treating children with medical cannabis extracts saw a great reduction in epileptic symptoms, up to 75 percent, however, products surprisingly contained relatively low levels of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD has generally been considered to be the key constituent in the therapeutic benefit of cannabis.

Extracts studied, tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) & its sister compound THCA

In most of the extracts studied, tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) and its sister compound THCA were present, though not in amounts that caused psychoactive affects. Over half of the extracts were associated with a seizure reduction of 75-100 percent. This does support animal studies on the anticonvulsant benefits of THC and THCA. Other benefits were also seen, such as cognitive improvements (35 percent) and language skills (24 percent).

Surprisingly low levels of CBD and THC

The surprisingly low levels of CBD, as well as THC, led researchers to consider the whole plant of cannabis as working synergistically, rather than an isolated constituent action in lone fashion. Corresponding author and academic director of the Lambert Initiative, Professor Iain McGregor, said: “Although the illicit extracts we analyzed contained low doses of CBD, three in four were reported as ‘effective’, indicating the importance of researching the cannabis plant in its entirety for the treatment of epilepsy.

Concentrations did not differ between samples perceived as ‘effective’ and ‘ineffective’

Furthermore, he commented that “despite the overwhelming presence of generally low levels of THC, concentrations did not differ between samples perceived as ‘effective’ and ‘ineffective’.”


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