Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, ND

What’s going on here?! Doing everything right, yet packing on the pounds with every passing year? Losing and regaining the same 5 or 10 pounds? Stuck and unable to lose, at all? There has to be another way, as we move into the next decades of our lives! There is. My patients are re-setting their metabolism, restoring vitality and preventing chronic degenerative illnesses – all without “cheater short cuts” (that become long cuts) or risky side effects.

What’s the root cause of Fat After 40?

Less cellular energy. It’s that simple.

What is cellular energy?

It is a molecule, actually. In science, it is called ATP (or adenosine triphosphate.) I call it “the stuff of life.” When we are younger, we make a lot of it. As we age… less and less. That is… less energy for running around, less energy for physiological upkeep, and less energy for calorie burning.

When we are younger, we make so much cellular energy that we enjoy a more ideal state of health and vitality, we experience an abundance of energy, a reasonable metabolism and freedom from chronic degenerative illness.

As we age, a variety of stressors takes a toll on the systems in our body that are in charge of creating an abundant supply of cellular energy. This unfortunate collection of circumstances results in less and less cellular energy needed to support overall health, prevent disease and to maintain a healthy, robust metabolism.  Simply put… we don’t burn calories like we used to.

Why do we care?

Because this makes us fatter and fatter, even as we eat the same and move the same. It feels like something’s wrong, because something really is beginning to go wrong… our cellular energy systems are falling down on the job!

What if we had a say in how this was going to go for us?

Resetting the Metabolism

My patients are using targeted nutritional supplements that rebuild the cellular energy systems in their bodies to put their metabolism back to what it used to be.

Over time, resetting their metabolism becomes a part of a powerful and sustainable weight-balancing effect. Leaning out “the right way” while resetting the metabolism, for the long haul, allows them to move on from the stuck place or the yo-yo dieting that so many fall into. They are taking back their bodies for a life better lived.

This isn’t just about losing weight anymore. This is about living longer, better!

The Science, the Tools and the Plan

My patients are “thinking women”. They like to understand why the metabolism has changed, how to rebuild it and what they can do, to have a say in how this is going to go for them. Teaching is just as important, in our relationship, as the plan they follow. If you like to learn, too… there is so much more on my website. Sign up for the free video series “When the Fat is Not Your Fault”, watch the science come to life, and learn more about exactly what my patients and I are doing, every day. Visit www.DrDaenell.com

_TVP5302_20131012-Edit-2 - Copy CropI am a results-obsessed Naturopathic Doctor. I love what I do. Throughout my career, I have also worked on the “raw materials” side of the nutritional supplement industry. This gives me and my patients the advantage of knowing what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. Our work is targeted, specific and dramatically effective. How fun is that? I have a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, am licensed as a primary care physician in the state of WA, am an author (Better Breast Health for Life!), speaker, frequent guest on PBS health programming and am always in volunteer service to the state, national and educational institutions of Naturopathic Medicine. Find her at www.DrDaenell.com

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