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“It’s all energy.”

It only took four years, but I knew in that moment – standing in my mother’s kitchen as she said those words to my very practical, logical, straight-thinking, engineer step-father – that she got it. Just like that. So matter of fact: It’s all energy.

I’m lucky because Mom has always been supportive of my pursuits, but when I came home after learning how to clear energy and knew it was going to be my vocation I sensed the skepticism underlying her support. And yet, true to her nature, she listened to all I had to say about it and would even ask for clearings for family and friends when we were together. Maybe it would help? At any rate, it couldn’t hurt…right?

But, last December, something shifted for her. It was during that same trip home that one of Mom’s friends called in a state of panic. “I need to talk to Jen. I’ve lost an important document. I need her to see if she can locate it.” So I tuned in. And, we found it.

Tuning in.

It’s the thing that most of us do not do anymore, for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe we’ve lived through extreme circumstances and we’re shut down. Maybe we’ve been taught that there is only value in straight-line thinking. Maybe we’re so disconnected from our own bodies and our deeper knowing that we’re not even sure how to access it anymore.

Whatever the case, we have become quite separate from our energetic selves, living mostly in our brains with the occasional dip into our hearts. But, the underlying energy is still there. And, it’s something we can access at any time – if we allow ourselves to get still enough.


One of the things I love the most about clearing energy is that it is not doing. Rather, clearing is all about being in the moment and allowing. How often in our hectic days do we actually pause to just be in the moment? I would wager very rarely. Even when we try to meditate, it is near impossible to turn off our minds.

When I teach others how to clear it always takes a while for my students to let go of their state of doing – that state of efforting and trying to make something happen. We’re so conditioned to “Just Do It” that we think it’s the only way to be.

I think the experience of spending time not doing, of letting go, of not trying is just as beneficial for my students as the actual clearing itself.

So what is energy clearing?

It’s a system reset. It’s a way to get back to vibrating at our normal frequencies again. We, most of us, are living in various states of imbalance. So much so – and for so long – that we’ve come to think of it as normal. It’s normal to be exhausted. It’s normal to be wound-up. It’s normal to yell in traffic. Normal to be short with our partners when we get home. We accept our states of imbalance because we’re all just doing our best to get through each day.

I find that often we don’t realize just how off-kilter our systems have become until we take a moment to allow them to return to their natural state. All systems want to be in balance. The more often we can return to that state, the more normal that balance becomes. Regular clearing has the added benefit of teaching us how to more quickly notice when we’ve been knocked off balance and more quickly find our way back to our own, natural frequency when we are.

In one week, I had two different clients describe their post-clearing experience using exactly the same words:I feel like my spirit is in balance.

That’s it!

Clearing is a gentle, yet profound, method of letting go of what is not ours and shedding old patterns of thinking & being that no longer serve us.

I like to say to my students: There are many forms of clearing.

Great sex. A walk on the beach. Vigorous exercise. Laughter. Cleaning. Crying. Shouting. Singing. Dancing. Driving with the windows down. These are all methods of letting go. Getting out of our heads. Being in the moment. However, I have found the effects of each to be temporary and that they only get to a certain level of the complex system of who we are.

The energy clearing that I practice is the only thing that I’ve found, so far, that gets to the base level of our frequency & vibration. The fundamental nature of our being.

If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. (1)Ask the physicists: it’s all frequency and vibration. We continue to build even more powerful microscopes to look even more deeply into whichever particle we are now trying to dissect, and the pattern continues.

Frequency & vibration.

We don’t have great words for talking about the energy of who we are. And, to be completely honest, I really have no idea how it all works. I just know that it does. It’s like asking how love works. People can cite science and talk about brain chemicals and pheromones, but really, is that all it is? Are we not all trying to explain with words those aspects of existence that cannot be quantified, cannot be seen under even the most advanced microscopes?

Just as love has no time or space constraints (you love your partner whether they are with you or on the other side of the world – whether they are still alive or become non-physical – whether yesterday or today) neither does energy. It just is. And, no matter how advanced our microscopes become, I doubt we will ever find the “love particle”. Yet, we all experience love.

And, energy.

Through clearing, I have seen people let go of trauma, of the energetic weight they’ve been carrying for years. Just like that. I’ve seen them return to themselves. I’ve had spouses tell me, after clearing, that their partners have returned to the state they were in years ago when they first fell in love. I’ve had clients completely turn around their lives, return to their bodies, find peace, let go.

We eat well and exercise to take care of our bodies. We solve puzzles and read articles to keep our minds in shape. We connect with friends and laugh to keep our hearts engaged. We listen to music, sing, walk in nature, have sex, go to church to soothe our spirits. Imagine a world in which we all take care of our fundamental vibration – our energy.

Imagine a world in balance.

You can. It’s all energy.

Want to learn how to clear energy? Join Jennifer for her next energy clearing workshop August 27th & 28th at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington.

jennifer labbienti bio picJennifer Labbienti, BA is a professional face reader based in Seattle, WA, with over 20 years’ experience in teaching & education.

Jennifer’s pattern recognition skills were honed through years of helping students improve their test scores as a teacher & trainer for The Princeton Review.

Her natural aptitude for understanding the patterns of the Five Elements (as applied through face reading, birth date reading, & cycles of time), allows her to compassionately guide her clients to improved self-understanding, enabling them to let go of limiting patterns of self-judgment & live fuller lives.

Highly intuitive & empathetic, she has an uncanny ability to read the subtle, energetic dynamics of her clients & the teams with which she works. She has a particular soft-spot for people who identify as “highly sensitive” & a gift for energy clearing that allows her to help her clients release stress from their lives & move forward in strength.

She can often be found teaching courses through Bastyr University’s Continuing Education program.

Her passion is helping people find peace, balance, & success in their lives.

Jennifer works with individuals, couples, families, professional organizations & corporations.

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